Friday, March 19, 2010

Things We Find and A Pack of Turkeys

Now that we're back in Seldovia again, we can go beachcombing along the slough on low tides. We take the dogs down and walk slowly, stopping to pick up interesting things along the way. Todays finds are; six blue marbles- two with chips, one black marble, a rusted butter knife handle, pieces of an old silver grate, several wires, and a discarded tin can. We carry the treasures back to the house and build something with them. Its a time-morphing space continuim device that our lego people use to jump from the real world into a space world. We also find out today that large chunks of ice and snow from the side of the slough, when jumped upon, will fall into the water and form instintaneous miniature iceburgs that our dog Maddie will swim to and then stand upon when we throw stones onto it for her to fetch.

When our Mom goes to the store, the neighbor tells her about the pack of turkeys in our neighborhood. They roam free but the people in the neighborhood feed them sometimes. There is one Tom and seven hens. Our Mom and Grandma run into them today. This is what the Tom looks like. Its a big job to rule over seven lady birds and Mr. Tom takes his job very seriously. He runs at Mom while she is taking his picture, and then when she jumps back into Grandma's car, he chases it down the street just like a dog. It is pretty exciting to live around turkeys. Turkey feathers are very pretty and quite good for making quill pens like they use at Hogwarts Academy in Harry Potter.

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