Slough Science

We live in a house on a tidal slough.  A slough is a creek or inlet on a tide flat.  We live in one of the areas of the world with the greatest fluctuation between low and high tides.  As a result the way our back yard looks changes four times a day with the tides.  Here is a picture of the cabin we live in.  During the highest of tides, the ocean water comes up underneath the home which is built on stilts and during the lowest of tides, we can (with a good pair of x-tra tuff rubber boots) wade across the slough to the banks of the airstrip on the other side of the slough.

We find all kinds of life on the slough. Some get there naturally by way of the tide. Some are carried in by eagles and other birds who eat from the ocean, and some get there from humans. Here are some different types of biouvalves that we found on the slough beach last night:

Here are some finds from Tide-Pooling on Easter