Seldovia Sounds

Guess these sounds

Click on the pink play button to hear each sound, then guess what sound it is.  If you pick correctly, you will see the full video version on youtube.

A.  Zack washing his hands
 B.  Sam taking a shower    
C.  Low tide on the slough
          D.  Mom falling into a mudpuddle

   A.  Sam practicing his trumpet
                           B.  Zack ate too many beans- Embarassing!!!!  
C.  Grandpa's old truck         
                        D.  A Cessna taking off from the runway      

A.  Grandma washing dishes 
              B.  The tide coming in at Inside Beach
C.  Mom at lap swim             
         D.  Maddie swimming in the slough

   A.  Harlequin Ducks being chased by a seagull 
  B.  Our dog Dudley playing with a squeaky toy
C.  Mom washing glasses with rubber gloves 
D.  Our Hamster running in his wheel