Friday, May 7, 2010

Minus 4 in Seldovia

Minus 4?????  This time of year?????  That's the tide level, not the temperature, and for us it means, glorious, glorious beachcoming and discovering.  All the creatures that are normally underwater become exposed and we get a chance to see, touch, and feel them.  Even though both boys had sore throats, we took a ride out to Jakalof Bay with the newest teddy bear Imaq, our two dogs, Uncle John and Grandma to check things out.  Here are some of our finds:

Sam and Zack with Sea Star

An eel that was hiding under a rock

Giant red sea anemones clinging to the dock

Imaq and three spiny sea stars

Imaq and a purple sun star

At the end of the Jakalof Bay Dock

Returning the sun star to deeper water

A bed of rock welks on kelp

Imaq with moon snails

Sun star is back in deeper water!

Click on Teddy Bear Page for more sea life pictures

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