Saturday, April 24, 2010

In Honor of our Cub Scout Friends in North Pole

Our friends in North Pole went on their annual winter campout.  They took a long hike along the Tanana river and then camped out.  In honor of them (and because we miss them) we took our own hike, the very day they went on their adventure.  We walked all the way to the top of the t.v. tower hill in Seldovia.  It took almost two hours to get up and only twenty minutes to get down!  Uncle John and Mom carried sleds and we whooshed our way down the hill after we had some hot chocolate and a small lunch at the top.  We are proud of our big hike and we miss you very much friends in North Pole!

Hurry and catch up Zack!  What a big hike for such small legs.  This is our first resting spot.  Notice our friend Thor's house in the background just in front of Cook Inlet.

Our dog Maddie digs a snow den by Uncle John.  She'd make a great sled dog and a good dog to have along on a Treasure hunt! 

You made me run to catch up, now I'm going to rest!

Sam takes a moment to appreciate the view up Seldovia Bay while Zack laughs at our Dog's sledding down the hill on their bellies.

That was fun!  We took a side trip to roll down a small hill of alders that are completely covered in snow.

We are almost there.  Do not stop 'til you get to the top!

This last part was really steep and really windy but we did it.  There's our target!

We made it!  Now we can see three different bodies of water, Kachemak Bay, Seldovia Bay, and Cook Inlet.  What a view!

Heading down now.  We walk over to the slope and prepare for the sled ride down. This was a mega sliding adventure and it was worth all the hard work!

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