Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Rubber Boots

Sam and Zack with Uncle John, Rowdy, and Maddie- Nice Boots!

For the best fun in Seldovia, be sure to get a pair of rubber boots.  Our Grandma knows this very well and when she came back from Homer on Friday, she brought us each a brand new pair.  We love our new rubber boots and we love our Grandma too.  This is a song that Zack wrote about rubber boots:

My new rubber boots
My new rubber boots
I LOVE them soooo much
that I want to eat fruit

in my new rubber boots
my new rubber boots
Toot Toot Toot!
(Make a tooting sound with your lips for the last line)

You can't be a kid in Seldovia and not own rubber boots.  Why, our Mom says that if you're a kid who lives in Seldovia, and you DON'T own a pair of rubber boots, you might as well go back to where you came from.  Here is a list of things Zack made that you can do with rubber boots in Seldovia;

1.  Walk in puddles
2.  Wade in the slough
3.  Walk in deep slushy snow

4.  Go Tide-pooling
5.  Wade in the rivers
6.  Cross the creek

7.  Chase waves
8.  Walk in the mud

Sam's rubber boots are taller and he can walk all the way across the slough on low tide.  In fact, he walked all the way from our house to the bridge on the opposite side of the slough at low tide.  Zack built an oragami boat and waded out to the current so his boat would have a speedy launch.   On Sunday, all three of us went to church on the beach.  Our church has walls made of volcano's and ancient towering pine trees.  When we were Lutheran's we loved to 'pass the peace' (not the peas) in church by shaking peoples hands and wishing them well.  Here at our beach, the church passes us peace by giving us pretty shells to collect, and this Sunday with our new rubber boots, our beach church gave us some really really cool Easter tide-pool finds.  We couldn't have discovered these beautiful things without the new rubber boots.
Green Sea Anemone

Bidarki- a delicacy for the Alutiiq People of the area, otherwise known as a Black Chiton

An Unidentified Sea Worm- Perhaps a Hairy Gilled Worm or a Ribbon Worm

Two types of Limpets (We always called them China Caps)- A speckled limpet and a shield limpet

Sam wrote a poem that describes his pair of new rubber boots:

Really Fantastic
Utterly awesome
Extremely Radical

Brilliantly Sweet
Overly Cool
Of Course It's Nice
The Best


Our dog Maddie rests on one of the rocks in the tide pool
Bye for now!

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