The Ring of Fire

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Mt. Redoubt has been elevated to yellow status as of April 6, 2010

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Here's a cool model of a volcano eruption

Here's another cool model from PBS

Seldovia is situated on the southcentral coast of the Kenai Peninsula.  It is very near to some major fault lines, and is surrounded to the northwest and northeast by three active volcanoes that are part of the "Ring of Fire".  During our Mom's lifetime in Seldovia, those volcanoes have erupted numerous times, and the town itself has been repeatidly covered in ash.  At one time, after Mt. St. Augustine blew, the ash was so thick Mom could sweep it up with a broom.  She remembers the ash cloud creeping over the sky, turning it so dark that the streetlights came on, and school got cancelled.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful active volcanoes that are a part of our every day life.

Mt. St. Augustine

A view of Mt. St. Augustine Island from the t.v. tower hill in Seldovia.  Hoen's Lagoon in the foreground.  Photograph by John McInnes.

Mt. Illiamna (our favorite)

A view of Mt. Illiamna from the Outside Beach at Seldovia.  Photograph by John McInnes.

Mt. Redoubt