Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slough Mysteries

What is it?

This vehicle is buried underneath a retaining wall.
What type of vehicle was it?
A fly-wheel engine for the old sawmill.

How old is it?
We have reports of the mill being used back in the 20's or even as far back as the turn of the century. Susan Woodwards book, "Seldovia" details a news clipping about the mill being repurchased in 1932 and getting back into business by 1933 with several large orders. By 1950 it was in a state of disrepair and was torn down within the decade.

The more we walk along the slough, the more we find. The slough played an important part in the history of this town, but for years, as we understand, before there became a general awareness about environment, it was common to dump things into it, and leave things there. We also know, that much of what once existed along the slough has since been torn down, burned down, or fallen down, perhaps mostly because of the 1964 earthquake. Here are some of Sam and Zacks biggest finds. They are mysteries of the slough. We'll ask Grandma and Grandpa and some other old-timers about them and we'll update this blog when we find the answers!

What is it?

These pilings across from Hags Nook once held a building.

Was it a home, a warehouse, or a dock?

They were a mooring dock for some boats.

Who owned it?

Probably the Mars family. Not sure about that.

What is it?

These large planks are enforced with iron and are tied up on the bank.

What were they for?

Don't know their purpose but may have been part of the old mill.

Were they part of the old barge that was once anchored in the slough?


What is it?

These tall spruce poles are anchored to the ground above some old horizotal posts.

Did a home once stand here?

It was a docking spot for a boat.

Or was this a dock or mooring spot for a boat?

What is it?

This engine is tied up to an long pole so it won't wash away.

Did it belong to the vehicle in the previous picture?


Is it being used to cure the wood for some purpose or to keep the pole in place?

Not sure yet.

What is it?

These remnants of some type of boiler are sitting under the posts in the picture above.

Was this a boiler from the tug or the vehicle or someones home?

Probably a boiler from the mill.

Does it cover the secret back entrance to another world?

Yes. It covers the secret entrance to a magic world called Clumsia. Only people with pure hearts who believe in magic can gain entry. As a result, very very few adults ever make it in. More about Clumsia later.

What is it?

This cable lays between the engine and the vehicle on the beach.

What was it used for?

Probably a cable used in the mill.

Do you think it might come to life as a sea snake at night in the dark?

Yes, the Prince of Clumsia put a spell on this snake that turned it into a large rusty coil of cable. Unfortunately for the Prince, he hadn't eaten a full breakfast that morning and his spell only partially worked. So, sometimes, during the fullest of full moons and the darkest of dark nights, the rusty cable begins to twitch to life. It slithers along the slough beach, searching all the while for the entrance to Clumsia so that it can seek revenge against the Prince. So......SHHHHH.....don't tell him about the boiler!

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