Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sunday Walk on the Beach

The city plow broke during the last big snow storm so we can't drive all the way to the beach. Uncle parks the car at the Y in the road and we get out and walk the dogs up the snowy path for a little over a quarter of a mile. We follow the tracks of some snowmachines so we don't sink into the snow. The dogs are really happy to get to the beach and they run down to chase the waves. The sun is out and the sky is blue blue blue. The first thing we see is our favorite of all mountains in the world, Mt. Illiamna, an active volcano - part of the ring of fire! She says hello to us as she smiles down on the dozens of fishing boats that are in the water for the weekend's Winter King Salmon tournmanent. At the end of the beach we decide that the tide is low enough for us to safely jump the rocks to get across the slough to the other side of the beach. Today the beach gives us peace offerings, a beautiful white shell- which Sam puts in his pocket for luck, and perfectly washed beach glass that we will send to a friend. Zack picks up a rubberband that came in with the last high tide. He will carry it home in his pocket. We know that because our beach gives to us, we should also take things away from it that don't belong, like rubber bands. We feel happy and we go on home. Tomorrow will be the first day of School for Sam and Zack in Seldovia.

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